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WHOA! A jam-packed jumbo size double issue from the guys at The Pull List. Topics include: Daredevil, Ant-man, Descender, Ghostbusters, go-go dancers, Civil War, and so much more.


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New issue of The Pull List right at your fingertips! In this issue, the guys talk about drinking coffee like manly men, Cody's solo trip to Boston Comic Con, Space Jam 2, and Green Lanterns fondness for "light" bondage. They also talk about Shrinking Man, Batman, Southern Bastards, Sex Criminals, Hawkeye, Wolf, and Descender. Don't miss out!

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Strap on your utility belt Pull Listeners because you are about to be punched in the face by so much SDCC information your teeth are going to fall out! Alright, maybe it's not that intense but Drew and Cody do talk about a lot of San Diego Comic Con information that it is too much to list here. As for specific comics they talk about Southern Bastards, Saga, The Walking Dead, Strange Fruit, and Archie. 

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The latest issue of The Pull List has the guys talking about the names Cody has picked out for his future kids, how to go from managing a Denny's to running Image Comics, and what it would be like at The Pull List office. The guys also talk about the end of Chrononauts, Thors, Southern Bastards, Magic Mike XXL, and lots more! Don't miss out!

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Get ready for another jam packed, hilarious issue of The Pull List with Drew and Cody. Hear the guys discuss what a Battle Pope movie would be like and what life is like as a comic book nerd on Tinder. They also discuss The Walking Dead, Starve, Airboy, Saga, Wytches, and Batman. Don't miss out!

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Hey there Pull Listeners! The guys are back! In the first issue recorded after the not unexpected hiatus they talk about a bunch of great stuff including: Ex Machina, Age of Ultron, Pitch Perfect, Dad Bod, Rick and Morty, The Suicide Squad, Transformers, Daredevil, Edgar Wright, Captain America 3,The Muppets, Wet Hot American Summer. Don't miss them review Batman #40 and The Walking Dead #141. And be prepared for a new game from Drew!

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You thought they had disappeared. You thought they had abandoned you. Well fear not Pull Listeners because your hosts with the most have triumphantly returned! After over a month of finals, vacations, and editing Drew and Cody present to you Issue 030: The Pull List Grows Up. Who knows what they talk about as it was recorded over a month ago. However, you do witness the precursor to what may turn into one of the best bits in Pull List History!

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Welcome back Pull Listeners! Drew and Cody missed you. It's true. They missed you so much, they brought you a JUMBO sized issue to make up for it. In this issue, the guys talk about the Easter Bunny, Sign Language, Boy Scouts, Kimmy Schmidt, Deadpool, getting old, and tying knots. Plus they talk about Daredevil Born Again, Chrononauts, and UFOlogy. Finally, they have a massive all encompassing Walking Dead conversation that you won't want to miss!

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You hold in your hand the latest issue of the one and only The Pull List with Drew and Cody. This week's issue has the guys talking about how Hollywood has run out of ideas and will remake or give a sequel to any movie. They also touch upon Vincent D'Onofrio and the Mad Pooper. They also talk about Descender, Howard the Duck, All New Hawkeye and The Walking Dead. Don't miss the new segment called #CodyHypotheticals.

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Welcome back for the epic conclusion to this two part issue! Hear the guys talk about the inevitable bursting of the comic book movie bubble, their dislike/like of the Fantasy genre, how cool they were in Middle School and so much more. Be sure to stay until the end to hear more about #TheDress.

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Are you ready for the first part of an epic two issue adventure with The Pull List? That's right the guys talked about so much that they ended up having to split the episode in two. Listen to your hosts review some comics and get caught on tangents like going to Graceland, watching Alien, and why ice cream cake is a stain on society. That last part was just Cody but still listen and tune in next week for the riveting conclusion!


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Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the latest issue of The Pull List that would make Tina Belcher's fantasies come true! In this issue your heroes discuss Spider-Man's return to the MCU, the all female Ghostbusters, and interesting choices in permanent cosplay. They also discuss something that ruined their childhood and something from their childhood returning. Plus you don't want to miss their reviews of The Walking Dead, Bitch Planet, Southern Bastards, and Rat Gods!

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Hello Pull Listeners! This week's issue is a little funky as we had some technical problems. Fear not! There is still plenty of stuff to listen to as Drew and Cody talk about the Superhero Super Bowl Bet, Star Wars #1, Batman #38, and more! Be sure to stick around because there is a super secret surprise waiting for you in this issue to make up for the technical problems! Don't miss out!

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In this latest issue of The Pull List our hosts discuss so many nerdy things! Stuff like the Ant-Man movie, the great comics coming from the Image Expo, the horrible Oscar snubs, how bad the Fantastic Four movie is going to be, who walked from Suicide Squad, Smash Mouth and more! Don't miss a new game which explores Cody's dating life, Kickin' It Old School, and a Cult Following. Can't forget about their reviews of the Batman Annual, Ant-Man series, and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. This is an episode so good even making it a DC Movie can't mess it up!

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Should auld aquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind? Should auld aquaintance be forgot and days of auld lang syne? Of course not! There's a new issue of The Pull List sponsored by D20 Burlesque. In this issue we find our hosts in 2015 where they discuss what they received for Christmas, come up with a great idea for reading comics online, and learn that only alligators live in North America. Here them talk about Parks & Rec, a 21 Jump St/MIB crossover (#moviecrossover), the Gambit movie, and Aaron Paul being Han Solo. Of course there are reviews of Memetic and Wytches. Don't miss the guys' favorite comics of 2014 and tell us your own!

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