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Ho ho ho! Happy Holidays from The Pull List! Welcome to the first annual Holiday Spectacular! Drew and Cody have quite the festive show lined up. Listen as the guys talk about a special holiday Cult Following as well as two, count them, two holday themed games that are sure to tickle your funny bone. In addition, your hosts will talk about the recent Sony hacking scandal and an interesting song from the actor in Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Spend you holidays with The Pull List and you will not be disappointed!

(Intro and Outro music I Love Christmas In The City by The Angry Snowmans)

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While our hosts at The Pull List don't specialize in Chaos Theory, they do specialize in putting out awesome podcasts! That's right the latest issue of The Pull List is here. Listen to Drew and Cody talk about the Star Wars teaser trailer, the Jurassic World trailer, and discuss the Suicide Squad castings. Hear a movie to watch and a movie to avoid in the Cult Following segment. Listen as Cody watches the Count count the digits in Pi and Drew find out something interesting about Rowdy Roddy Piper. Our hosts were so busy wondering if they could, that they did!

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Have you heard the news? A new issue of The Pull List is available! That's right your fantastic hosts Drew and Cody are back with an Issue so big it rivals any of the Marvel and DC event stories!! Hear the guys talk about Snyder rewriting the Little House on the Prairie books, Howard the Duck's new series, "Kickin' It Old School" with Civil War, and the non-need for a Toy Story 4. Here about Drew's distaste for Jared Leto and Cody's idea for Podcasting Pajamas! Don't miss their review of the final installment of Batman '66 Meets the Green Hornet and Batman #36. 

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Ladies and Gentlemen put your hands together for your favorite comics podcast, The Pull List!! That's right folks another live issue of The Pull List is ready for download. When our hosts are in the same room be prepared for some wacky hijinx, comics discussion, and good times. Be there when Cody makes Drew play "Ridiculous Comic Book Character Name?" Don't miss the latest installment of The Pull List's Cult Following. Laugh when we meet back up with Jennifer the Spoiled Manatee and Drew gives his opinion about living on Mars. The guys also discuss The Walking Dead (Comic and Show), American Horror Story, the upcoming slate of DC movies, and the chilling Age of Ultron trailer. Trust us when we say you won't want to miss this, miss this, miss this, miss this!

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Well, Wolverine might be dead but The Pull List is still going strong. Granted, neither Cody nor Drew has an Adamantium skeleton but that's besides the point. The latest issue of The Pull List is here! In this issue our podcasters talk about the new Hawkeye writer, Ghostbusters III, and a spoiled manatee named Jennifer. Also you won't want to miss this week's CULT FOLLOWING because it has a special Drew made treat. Don't miss the guys review Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool, Wytches, Batman, and Punks: The Comic. Download, subscribe, tell your friends!


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It's time to turn the lights down low, turn up the Barry White music, and grab your comics because the latest issue of The Pull List is here! In this issue our hosts discuss the DC t-shirt controversy, a new video game based movie franchise, sex tips from Sex Criminals, and Drew's Amazing Battle Creatures! Be there for the introduction of a new weekly segment the guys have created just for you listeners. Don't miss their reviews of Annihilator, Saga, Batman Eternal, and God Hates Astronauts. You won't want to miss this!



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Look up in the sky! What's that light? It's THE PULL LIST signal! Another new issue of The Pull List with Cody and Drew is here! In this issue our hosts discuss how life has gotten into the way of reading comics for the week, which is sad. But that doesn't stop them from talking about the premiere of Gotham on Fox, bald man Halloween costume ideas, a Wolverine statue, and a Cody's clairvoyance. Grab your ear buds and listen because you won't want to miss this!

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You may have thought your handsome heroes were gone but fear not for The Pull List has returned! After a brief haitus for nuptials, traveling, moving, and testing, Cody and Drew have come back to tickle your earbuds with aural pleasure. In Issue 014: A Well Lubricated Machine, hear our hosts talk about what they would do if they were rich, how to market with mary-jane, and even some car talk about engines, belts, etc. Don't miss their reviews of Nightworld, God Hates Astronauts, The Woods, The Walking Dead and many more! You've missed them, they're back so listen in!

Twitter: @thepulllistpod


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Welcome back folks! Get your comics, dress up in your cosplay, and download the latest issue of The Pull List! In this issue, the guys discuss their recent Boston Comic Convention trip and all the crazy stuff that happened. They also discuss the new TMNT movie, the DC movie schedule, and the recent passing of an incredible actor/ comedian. Don't miss their review of Nightworld, The Woods, and Batman '66 meets the Green Hornet.

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I am Groot!

Translation: "Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the latest issue of The Pull List! In this issue, our favorite podcasters talk about Guardians of the Galaxy (a movie mentioned in the first ever issue of TPL), Sign Language, the Deadpool "leaked" footage, and much more! Stick around after the credits to hear a little bit about Disney's Frozen. Don't miss their reviews of Hawkeye, The Wake, and Outcast. This is definitely an issue you don't want to miss!"

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A wild PODCAST appeared! That's right folks, The Pull List with Drew and Cody is back after a long July hiatus. We know you missed us so we gave it our all in "Issue 011: Has This Ever Happened to You?" We talk about Ben Affleck, Potato Salad, a walrus, and why Arrow can't keep his shirt on. Also hear the guys' idea for an infomercial for a product that will fly off the shelves! Don't miss the reviews of Saga, Batman, Grayson, and The Walking Dead.

Twitter: @thepulllistpod


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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to the 10th anniversary edition of The Pull List with Drew and Cody! This special edition is coming to you live from Philadelphia, PA. Hear our heroes discuss the finer points of an inappropriate Spider-Man statue, method acting at it's most horrific, and how those kids in Double Dare couldn't work a mic. Plus maybe a surprise song or two. Don't miss out!

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Hello there, True Believers! It's another issue of The Pull List coming your way. In this issue, we find our heroes, Drew and Cody, knee deep in ventriloquism, seductive comic book sellers, the female form, and cat attacks. They also review some comics and talk about some interesting casting for upcoming nerd movies. You won't want to miss this!



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Get ready folks it's another all new issue of The Pull List! In this issue, Drew and Cody send their consciousness back from the future in order to tell the people of the past about Batman's new Batsuit, Quicksilver's fighting style, and Community's possible resurrection. Also don't miss the reviews of Batman Eternal #8, Batman #31, Saga #19, Nailbiter #1, The Woods #1, and Trees #1. You don't want to miss this one!

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In the mighty words of Bill O'Reilly, "We'll do it live! F*** it! Do it live!" That's right ladies and gentlemen this week's issue of The Pull List is live from Boston! Drew and Cody sit down in the same room to bring you their musings on Free Comic Book Day, the Bechdel Test, destroying our childhood programs, and lying post-credit teasers. This is a must listen episode so don't miss out!

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The birds are chirping, the weather is slowly getting warmer, and Drew and Cody are podding which means Spring is in the air! In this week's issue of The Pull List, Cody and Drew do their best Rick and Morty impressions, discuss the more important lessons from G.I. Joe PSAs, and hear how Drew is cleaning out his comics (sang like Eminem). Don't miss reviews of Batman Eternal #2, Batman #30, as well as some comic book movie reviews... from 2005.

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In this week's crystal clear issue of The Pull List, Drew and Cody talk about their own levels of nerdiness, the length of Batman's ears, and Cody's haggling abilities. They also review Batman Eternal #1, Nightcrawler #1, The Walking Dead #125, and Trillium #8. Don't miss out!

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In this week's episode Drew and Cody visit the Comic Book Men, compare Michael Bay to that annoying kid on the playground, and discuss the Indiana Jones reboot rumors. Don't miss the guys review The Walking Dead #124, The Wake #7, The Sandman: Overture #1, and Superman Unchained #6!

Here's what else we talked about:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer

Hollywood Babble-On Comes to AMC Late Night

Community May Get "Six Seasons and a Movie"

Indiana Jones Reboot with Bradley Cooper?

Star Wars Episode VII 30 Years After ROTJ

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Grab your lightsaber and hop into your X-Wing because the latest issue of The Pull List is here! In Issue 003, Drew and Cody discuss the best order to watch the Star Wars movies, lament Jon Arbuckle's sad yet humourous life, and talk about some big news for The Big Bang Theory. Don't miss the reviews of The Walking Dead #123, The Wake #6, Trillium #7, and Batman #29.

Here's what we talked about:

The Machete Order of watching Star Wars

My Stupid Life split Snakepit

Garfield Minus Garfield and Shut Up, Garfield!

Batman '66/ Green Hornet by Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman

Terry Gilliam's ending to Watchmen

The CW's Flash costume

The Big Bang Theory gets record breaking renewal

Intro Music is Carl, Stay in the House by The Eschatones

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Welcome to the website for The Pull List, the comic and pop culture podcast for nerds and non-nerds alike. Drew and I have been talking about making a podcast for a while now and we finally got around to doing it. We have a lot of fun recording and we hope you have even more fun listening. Our podcasts are in MP3 format so you can download them and put them on your computer or mobile device! I know I listen to pods in the car on the way to work all the time and at the gym as well. Wouldn't it be nice to hear the sweet sounds of Drew and Cody discussing comics while you're sweating bullets on the treadmill? Or better yet have us calm you down on the road after that jerk in the Range Rover cut you off and almost caused an accident. If you like what you hear, tell us! And more importantly, tell other people to listen too. The more people listen, the happier we are and happy Drew and Cody are moderately more funny Drew and Cody.

- Cody

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The first (read second) episode of The Pull List where Cody and Drew talk about the current run of X-Men, some rough deaths in Hollywood, and how Cody learned to be the best skipper in the Tri-State area.

Here's what else we talked about:

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

Harold Ramis - Director of Ghostbusters RIP

Bob Casale - Guitarist of Devo RIP

Sega vs Nintendo Console Wars Movie

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